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Backed by nearly 50 years of experience, SOLABIA Biotech occupies a leading role in the peptone marketplace worldwide. As with leadership also comes responsibility, this role is exemplified through the existence of two distinct manufacturing sites, in order to insure constant supply of critical raw materials to customers. Solabia produces meat peptones (bovine and porcine), with EDQM certification for many bovine references at its Maringa, Brazil site, while KOSHER and HALAL certified plant peptones (some Allergen and GMO free) as well as casein based peptones are produced in the renovated and ultra-modern Beauvais, France facility.

Quality is a constant preoccupation at SOLABIA Biotech. Our two manufacturing sites (France and Brazil) are certified ISO 9001 v. 2015 and allow all customers, regardless of market sector, total confidence as it pertains to reliability, reproducibility and traceability. Solabia’s French production facility in particular is characterized by a closed system and modern, computer controlled processes including best-in-class modern reactor design, which result in greater peptone consistency and improved attributes for clarity, stability and color. This production site alone underscores Solabia’s long-term commitment to the industry whose members prize above all vendor reliability and consistency.

The Solabia separation of animal tissue from its plant and casein manufacturing is unique to the peptone industry, an important added value in terms of the elimination of cross-contamination, critical to all markets. Solabia’s production site for meat peptones in BSE-free Brazil complements and augments the main, historical production site in France, as many of the high volume casein peptones, including Tryptone, are now manufactured at both facilities, ensuring high production capacity for this strategic raw material. And while much of the market has gone non-animal, meat peptones continue to be used in nearly all market segments yet the number of producers offering them has dwindled, in a large part due to traceability issues at single production sites. This issue is non-existent at Solabia.

Solabia’s unique added value sets it apart from other vendors in this industry. Our current catalogue offers a wide range of choices between animal and non-animal hydrolysates. As such, we are uniquely positioned to respond to a vast array of requirements from varied sectors, including fermentation (lactic ferments, starters, probiotics), bio-pharmaceuticals (toxin and vaccine production), diagnostics (components of culture media), and more recently, cell culture. In light of the two production sites, high volume and occasional users are treated with the same ease. Risk mitigation and production redundancy for strategic products (i.e. Tryptone) address issues few in the industry can match. To reach the lucrative US market, Solabia has made its complete line of peptones available through Solabia US Inc., with local inventory and sales administration. Elsewhere throughout the world, Solabia products can be made available directly through Solabia France. See how raising the standard can impact on your industrial process and you’ll agree that Modern Peptone Manufacturing…makes a difference.