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Bestellung nur für Firmenkunden

QC Sets and Panels: Helix Elite™

Cdiff Verification Panel (Live Culture)

Art.-Nr.: 8243
Sicherheitseinstufung (BSL):2

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Cdiff Verification Panel (Live Culture) contains two KWIK-STIKs of each strain listed below (four KWIK-STIKs total).
Clostridioides difficile derived from ATCC® 700057™*
Clostridioides difficile derived from ATCC® 9689™*

ATCC 9689 is tcdA positive, tcdB positive, cdtB negative, Toxinotype 0, Ribotype 001, produces cytotoxin, and formerly Clostridium difficile

ATCC 700057 is beta-lactamase negative, nontoxigenic, CLSI QC strain for Anaerobic Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing, tcdA negative, tcdB negative, cdtB negative, ribotype 038 and formerly Clostridium difficile