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Bestellung nur für Firmenkunden

QC Sets and Panels: Helix Elite™

Extended Enteric Bacterial Verification Panel (Inactivated Pellet)

Art.-Nr.: 8191
Sicherheitseinstufung (BSL):1
Charakteristika:Export license required for shipping this product outside the United States

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Extended Enteric Bacterial Verification Panel (Inactivated Pellet) includes 21 pellets each comprised of the 8 organisms listed below:

  • S. Typhimurium derived from NCTC 74
  • S. sonnei derived from NCTC 12984
  • E. coli derived from CDC 2010C-3114 (STEC) 
  • C. jejuni derived from NCTC 11322
  • P. shigelloides derived from NCTC 10363
  • Y. enterocolitica derived from NCTC 11174
  • E. coli derived from NCTC 11602 (ETEC)
  • V. parahaemolyticus derived from NCTC 13209

CDC 2010C-3114 serotype O111:H8, eae positive, stx 1 and/or stx 2 positive
NCTC 11174 biotype 2, serotype 9
NCTC 11602 serovar o159:h34
NCTC 13209 VP81, Serotype O3:K6

Minimum Hydration Volume: 1.5 ml